Dynamic Glass


04 May: Masco HQ – User Experiences with Suntuitive Dynamic Glass

Advancements in glass and glazing products have recently come at a pretty hectic pace. Innovations that are being created to improve the building performance and the occupant comfort are now available from more sources than ever. The challenge lies in what technology works best for your specific structure. Making it even tougher is the glass world as a whole is very rarely a “one size fits all” sort of scenario.


21 Aug: Shedding Light on Balanced Lighting

It’s no secret that properly lit rooms and offices have desirable effects on our overall well-being, productivity, and mood. While utilizing natural daylight and relying on artificial light are the main ways to illuminate a space, daylighting is an increasingly popular method for adding light to the rooms where we spend our time.


29 Sep: Project Review: Quality 10 GDX

The new Quality 10 GDX Theater in Saginaw, Michigan, features more than high-tech sounds systems and wall-to-wall-screens; it also features the latest in dynamic glass technology. Looking to reduce sunlight, glare, and heat during the day, and allow for maximum visibility at night, Goodrich Quality Theaters selected self-tinting Suntuitive glass for its state-of-the-art cinema.


22 Nov: Is it Time for New Windows?

Windows are your view to the outside world, and are an integral part of your home or office’s design and efficiency. So, it’s important that they are working the best that they can for you. Unfortunately, older windows are notoriously inefficient and do not have the low-e coatings, gas-filled cavities, or dynamic components that can be found on the market today.