Dynamic Glass in Education.

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass is a perfect solution for classrooms and other spaces within the educational environment. Optimal daylighting and a comfortable classroom help students and teachers to concentrate, and can even boost test scores.

As we continue to learn more about the benefits of natural daylighting, educators have started pushing for more natural light in the classroom.  Natural light elevates mood, increases concentration, and can even help raise average grades by up to 25%. Whether your educational building is for preschoolers, elementary school students, high school, or higher education—children, students, and staff can all benefit from receiving more natural daylight.

Heat and glare are very disruptive to learning within a classroom environment, so educators often choose to close blinds or shades over windows, taking away natural light completely. The lack of natural light has adverse effects on mood, productivity, and concentration.

Conversely, exposing students to more natural light has positive effects on students’ concentration and mood.  Students exposed to more natural light experience increased productivity and elevated mood. Students who are content are able to focus more of their energy on lessons and earn higher grades than students who are in classrooms lit by fluorescent lights.

Applying dynamic glass in education does more: sunlight helps regulate natural sleep and wake cycles and also boosts mood by releasing endorphins. Exposure to natural light during the day will help students to get better sleep at night.

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