Conventional Glass
Suntuitive Dynamic Glass

Glare Control kept Simple

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass adapts constantly to changing lighting conditions and mitigates glare while retaining daylight autonomy. Glare control in its simplest form.

Mitigate Glare

Daylight is wonderful, but too much light causes glare which can be disruptive. Excessive glare causes building occupants to draw shades or blinds over windows. This doesn’t just mean losing the connection with the outdoors, but often also necessitates activating artificial light sources. Suntuitive Dynamic Glass’s sun-responsive technology blocks excess light to mitigate glare. Building occupants are able to see their computers, look at the television or their handheld device without excessive glare from the sun’s light. Even teachers in the classroom can leave windows uncovered by blinds or shading devices while showing a slide presentation.

Enhanced Visual Comfort

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass allows daylight in while keeping things comfortable. A reduction in glare offers added visual comfort for occupants, while still allowing enough daylight to avoid overuse of artificial lighting. Suntuitive also blocks harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the space, which offers added protection for building occupant’s eyes. Suntuitive glass has the same reflectivity qualities of standard glass, so as the glass tints and darkens, occupants won’t see their reflection either.

Better Color, Clarity, and Detail

Reducing glare creates a better view. Some dynamic glass can help with the glare, but create conditions that necessitate artificial light while being highly reflective, so building occupants feel like looking in a mirror instead of being able to look outside. Suntuitive mitigates glare while retaining daylight autonomy and the view outside, enabling the connection with the outdoors throughout the day and optimizing the well-being of building occupants. It’s like sunglasses for your building!

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