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It is better to ask when NOT to use Suntuitive

If you are wondering when to use Suntuitive, we could ask a simple question: ‘Does the sun shine on your building?’ If the answer is ‘yes’ then you know that Suntuitive can be the perfect solution to potential heat and glare issues.

When to use Suntuitive: for ANY Project Type

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass can be used in retrofit, replacement, and new construction in both commercial and residential applications. Our dynamic glass can be vertical, sloped, curved, or shaped and can be installed as a typical vertical construction window, a skylight, and can also be used in operable doors and windows.

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass is easy to install, and doesn’t require any additional trades in either the planning or installation phase of building. Because Suntuitive doesn’t come with complicated wires or controls, it will also allow you to maintain the integrity of your window frame. Suntuitive doesn’t require any drilling into the window frame to accommodate wires, so your choice of glass won’t void your frame warranty.

When to use Suntuitive: for ANY Location

Structures that are subjected to abundant and direct sunlight will especially reap the benefits of Suntuitive Dynamic Glass.  In the United States, this includes east, south, and west-facing facades that receive direct sunlight during the day. For international installations, the most advantageous glass placement will depend on the building’s location in the northern or southern hemisphere. In ANY location Suntuitive will improve the visual and thermal comfort of building occupants.

Design Freedom You’ve Only Dreamed Of

Architects and designers now have the freedom to design with more glass than ever before – allowing more daylight to enter the building without the heat load penalty that comes with conventional glass. Our self-contained technology is fully passive, has no wires, is easy to install, and offers custom design options to fit your project. Choose from various shapes, sizes, exterior tints, and even your preferred low-e coating to build a glass product perfect for your project.

A Sustainable Solution

Sustainable Building, Green Design, Passive Design, and Net Zero Energy are all approaching the forefront when it comes to building with the environment in mind. Suntuitive Dynamic Glass is a product that works well within these eco-conscious building philosophies as it helps create a sustainable environment by only using naturally available solar energy.

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass can assist in your Green Building Goals. As a passive and energy efficient product, Suntuitive meets strict building code standards and can also help achieve credits in both LEED and BREEAM certifications.

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Due to COVID-19’s impact on our operations, Pleotint, LLC has decided to temporarily suspend all production and sales activities of its Suntuitive® product line. While we are taking a break or hitting the pause button on our current Suntuitive product offering, we are not quitting. We hope to bring Suntuitive back in the near future. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of our customers, employees, partners, and others who have supported Suntuitive.
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