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Enhanced UV Protection

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass blocks 99% of all harmful UV light, which offers fading protection as well as UV protection for building occupants. With Suntuitive you can enjoy all the benefits of natural light without any of the risks!

Suntuitive Blocks UV Light

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass prevents harmful UV light from entering a building. All glass blocks UV-B light, but most conventional glass allows UV-A light to enter the building. Suntuitive effectively blocks 99% of all UV light, including UV-A. Suntuitive is like a sun-block for your building that never wears off!

Fading Protection

Fading is caused by UV light, but also from heat. Suntuitive Dynamic Glass doesn’t just offer UV protection for the building interior, but also from heat, blocking up to 90 percent of solar heat energy. Suntuitive’s ability to control solar heat combined with the UV blocking abilities of the glass means a superior protection for the investments made on the interior. Suntuitive offers fading protection for flooring, furniture, and artwork.

Occupant Protection

In addition to fading protection, another benefit of Suntuitive’s ability to block harmful UV light is the protection it offers for occupants. Whether someone is living, working, or learning behind the glass, he or she can rest assured knowing that Suntuitive Dynamic Glass protects both skin and eyes from harmful UV-A light. Be comfortable and safe!

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Due to COVID-19’s impact on our operations, Pleotint, LLC has decided to temporarily suspend all production and sales activities of its Suntuitive® product line. While we are taking a break or hitting the pause button on our current Suntuitive product offering, we are not quitting. We hope to bring Suntuitive back in the near future. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of our customers, employees, partners, and others who have supported Suntuitive.
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