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Daylight the Way Nature Intended

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass works in harmony with the sun to adjust the light that is let into the building to comfortable levels, while making sure there is always enough natural daylight to minimize the use of artificial light.

Maximize Daylight

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass adapts to changing sunlight conditions to maximize natural daylight throughout the day. As the sun rises and sunlight begins to heat the glass, the Suntuitive interlayer will begin to darken, which we perceive as tinting. The interlayer uses the sun’s energy to mitigate solar heat and glare, while still allowing maximum daylight. So instead of fighting the sun Suntuitive Dynamic Glass works in harmony with the sun to provide optimal interior lighting conditions.

Whatever the time of day, Suntuitive’s unique thermochromic technology allows the room to be bright.

Smart Tinting Technology

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass responds to heat from direct sunlight. It will not tint in the presence of shade from surrounding buildings or trees, and will tint less on a cloudy day, making room for daylight. You won’t have to program your dynamic glass to know when the clouds are out, as the technology is sun-responsive. Suntuitive really only tints where it needs to and allows for differences in shade, even within the same pane of glass. A feature that is unique to Suntuitive Dynamic Glass!

All the Benefits without the Drawbacks

Enjoy all the benefits of natural daylight without drawbacks of excessive heat or glare. We spend over 90% of our life indoors, which means we’re not getting enough daylight and are missing out on the benefits.

Daylight helps preserve natural cycles of wake and sleep.  Other benefits of being exposed to sunlight include an ability to maintain a healthy body temperature, experiencing a boost in productivity, as well as a positive effect on our mood resulting in an increase in overall health and well-being.

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Due to COVID-19’s impact on our operations, Pleotint, LLC has decided to temporarily suspend all production and sales activities of its Suntuitive® product line. While we are taking a break or hitting the pause button on our current Suntuitive product offering, we are not quitting. We hope to bring Suntuitive back in the near future. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of our customers, employees, partners, and others who have supported Suntuitive.
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