Using Dynamic Glass in Healthcare.

As the healthcare industry puts more emphasis on patient satisfaction and quality of care, the design of the built environment in healthcare will become more important than ever. Using Suntuitive Dynamic Glass in healthcare helps to maintain a connection to the outdoors and having access to natural light. This in turn helps patients heal faster, making for a shorter hospital stay.

Most hospital rooms tend to be impersonal, sterile, and harsh. Not exactly a picture perfect place for healing. A growing number of hospitals and healthcare organizations are choosing dynamic glass for their buildings in order to create a more conducive environment for healing as well as improve the energy efficiency of their facilities.

Safety Matters

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass offers passive surveillance, enabling sight lines and views of the street from inside the building, which adds to building security, especially important for hospitals.

Cleaner Environment

Shades and integral blinds not only come with high maintenance costs, they also introduce the potential for the spread of bacteria and infection.  Using Suntuitive Dynamic Glass in healthcare introduces the ability to mitigate glare and control solar heat, allowing for reduced use of blinds or shading devices. This helps hospitals to lower infection control issues that come with curtains and shades.

Peace and Quiet

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass comes in a laminated construction IGU, which carries with it the benefit of reducing the sound of outside noise for those within the building. Suntuitive helps create an indoor environment that allows hospital staff to concentrate, undisturbed by outside noise and patients to rest easy without being bothered by the street noise of sirens and other passing vehicles.

Create a Better Environment for Healing

It’s no secret that nursing and healthcare professionals work in stressful environments and work through incredibly delicate situations daily. Exposure to natural light keeps staff alert and focused and reduces the opportunity for mistakes. Natural light in hospital operating rooms helps medical staff maintain alertness, while reliving stress and enhancing their mood. Hospital staff who are exposed to sunlight in the workplace have, on average, better relationships with coworkers and are more likely to maintain a good mood over long, stressful shifts.

This mood-elevating effect of daylighting makes the hospital environment much more comfortable for staff, and in turn will have a similar effect on patients. Happier nurses lead to happier patients, and happier patients have shorter hospital stays – which not only lends itself well to higher patient satisfaction scores and a positive hospital reputation, but also cuts operating costs.

Staff won’t be the only ones reaping the benefits of daylight. Patients who stay in sunny hospital rooms are more likely to experience positive effects of daylight on mood. Mood and healing are both bolstered if the windows also offer a view. Patients in rooms that receive more natural light also tend to need less pain medication. According to one study, patients that received 46% more sunlight than the control group needed 22% less pain medication.

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