Building Owner

Letting the Light in on the Built Environment

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass can be used in retrofit, replacement, and new construction in both commercial and residential applications. Our glass has been used in various projects from schools to office buildings in locations around the world.


Optimal daylighting equals happy employees. Dynamic Glass employers see a reduction in absences and an increase in employee productivity.


Suntuitive Dynamic Glass is a perfect solution for classrooms and other spaces within the educational environment. Optimal daylighting and a comfortable classroom help students and teachers to concentrate and can even boost test scores.


As the healthcare industry puts more emphasis on patient satisfaction and quality of care, the design of the built environment will become more important than ever. Maintaining a connection to the outdoors and having access to natural light helps patients heal faster, making for a shorter hospital stay.


Suntuitive Dynamic Glass lets light into retail spaces. Thermally and visually comfortable shoppers tend to stay longer and spend more.  With clothing, housewares, electronics, even food- any everything in between available with just the click of a mouse, it can be difficult getting customers in brick-and-mortar stores. Thoughtful building design and architecture, including ensuring sufficient natural daylight, can enhance the shopping experience and entice customers to come shop more frequently and even spend more time in your store.


Optimal daylighting, comfort, security, view preservation, and more- available for homeowners. Live your best life with Suntuitive Dynamic Glass.